It's an okay cover honestly, the quality isn't too great, and I'm assuming you are using a cheaper amp, so there is not much you could do about it, you are deemed competent enough to play this song, so there are no real mistakes from what I hear, but I'm not a Korn fan.

Yes, poop.
I'm using a Line 6 Spider. It's the camera that causes the crappy quality. It's not really meant for videos.
You should probably have added the backing track in again in movie maker or something. It would help it all just sound better... And you looked sorta bored haha. But other than that, you were playing it just fine
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So is this guitar Mexican made or human made? Wait, shit, that was really racist wasn't it?

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Question- Does burning songs to a disk change the speed slightly? BecauseI've tried it before to put the song from itunes to movie maker, and it would line up in the beginning, but not the end.