Hello to you my brothers. I am thinking about buying a digital wireless system. I was pretty much set on the Line 6 relay but now I discovered something called Brace Audio which also makes digital wireless systems that are apparently really good. Now to my point, I was trying to find out how many digital wireless systems there are using google but the line 6 is basically the only thing that shows up. It was only by chance that I discovered the Brace system. So I was thinking, are there any other digital wireless systems like that. You know like perhaps some that are not made by huge corporations, more low-key stuff. You can buy cheap amp and pedal clones, what about wireless? Please be so kind to point out some other digital wireless systems like the Line 6 and Brace, if there are any.

Thanks guys
I have heard nothing but good things about the Line 6 in it's price range it's pretty much the best digital system you can get afaik. The Line 6 G50 and G90 look awesome
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Go at some local stores and ask the sellor what he knows about that stuff. If you are able to do that