Hi guys
Got bored over the weekend decided to try something new
Just recorded a very rough and quick version of a great song
I am no singer but i tried for the fun and challenge

But music wise it sounds pretty close to the original (I think)
Happy listening
Awesome! only thing I can comment on is the fact is I don't think the high parts are within your range (they sound kinda bad, no offense) but I think you nail the chorus, I really enjoy your voice especially considering you're not even a singer.

But yeah solid cover, I really enjoyed it and this is one of my fav bungle songs and it's cool to see some fellow bungle fans.
- Synyster Schecter Standard
- Peavey Vyper 15

I'm currently using Cubase 5 for any recording purposes.
Thanks mate, yeah i struggled for completely with the high parts lol definately not in my range for sure, and once again Mike Patton is just pure amazing with all his vocal styles (sigh)

but thanks glad you liked the cover it is a great song from one of my favorite albums of all time.
I may go back and try a little more fixing up those vocals if i get time

Cheers mate!