I totally Googled this and used the searchbar and couldn't really find an exact answer, so here goes;

I use a Crate combo amp and really like the distortion from it. I built a pedalboard, but when I run my pedals with the amp, the gain is drained, as well as the overall tone and volume. It isn't subtle either, it's very, very noticable. My chain is made up of a combination of true bypass and buffered pedals, and goes like this;

Guitar -> Modtone Volume Pedal (Tuner out to a Polytune) -> Modtone Compressor -> Boss NS-2 -> Amp, then the effects loop -> Modtone Chorus -> Ibanez DE7 Delay -> MXR 10-Band EQ -> The same Boss NS-2

I'm running all the pedals off of a Modtone powered board

I know double-gating with the NS-2 isn't helping, but if I don't double gate then the feedback is just unbearable. I read that the impedance from an amps effect loop is to strong for pedals and that you're supposed to run rack units in the effects loop. If this is true, would running the pedals that are in my effects loop after a distortion pedal instead and running the whole chain into a clean amp help with the tone and volume? Or would the the gain and tone still suffer because of how many pedals I have in my chain?

If it solved the problem, then I plan on using a Suhr Riot pedal with a Tubescreamer in front of it instead of using the distortion from the amp. Would the gain and tone loss still be noticeable with this setup?

Basically, my pedals are draining the tone, gain, and volume from my amp. Would using a distortion pedal instead of the amps gain yeild the same results?
Well I just run everyone of my pedals in the effects loop input and input that I have on my amp head. Try to adjust the level tone of your pedal to be the same with your amp so when you turn them on Their will be no change in volume.
Have you tried to isolate the problem?? Maybe only one pedal is draining your tone and that pedal can be swapped out for a different one?? Or try putting your compressor at the end of your effect chain instead of the beginning. That way it balances your signal out after it goes through all of your pedals instaed of before,
Get some good ass gold plated pedal cables.
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I found my compressor to be the cause of the tone drainage (For lack of a better term)

It's weird, when I add the compressor in my chain, it does some very odd things. If I leave it in the "off" position and I touch the volume knob on my guitar, it makes a very loud "POP" sound. The same thing happens when I turn it on and off. It sounds like the cord is being yanked out and jammed back in. When I remove the compressor, the problem goes away. Any idea what would cause this?

And what brand of cables would you suggest? Monster, Live Wire? I definetely need to replace the cables with better ones