Do you use pre-distortion boosting? If so, how do you do it? Right now I run my Boss ME-50 into my B-52 half stack, using the head's distortion and any of several overdrives from the pedal to augment my sound. I'm wondering if there are any tried-and-true methods to really improve the sound of the distortion. I've heard of several methods (overdrives, eq pedals, compressors, boosters, etc.) and I'm just wondering what the UG community prefers.
i only use boosts to boost my signal try to colour the sound as little as possible (lest im using a fuzz)
A lot of people use an actual OD pedal to boost their input signal (along with unintentionally cutting some frequencies) to tighten their sound. Run the gain on the amp lower than you usually would, then run the volume at full on the pedal and gain to taste.

A cheap booster to check out would be the Danelectro Transparent Overdrive, Digitech Bad Monkey or for the simplest form of boosting, an EHX LPB-1.
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I use to use the same rig as you do, I used an mxr 10 band in the front and it really affected the tone however you set your frequencies and didn't really color the amp too much at all. Quite effective without coloring your tone. The mxr has a gain input as well and it seemed when you boosted it the tone would get a little brighter. Then years ago I had a carvin x-100 and ran a bbe in the loop and it helped without coloring the tone. I sold the bbe years ago and still have the mxr if that helps