So i've been building on my studio for a few months and i figured that some people on here would like bounce ideas or talk technique with me.

any feedback would be awesome!
Alright, what kind of gear are you using for recording? What do you know? What do you want to achieve?
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Right now for drum mics, i used the cad basic set up, for vocals i have an akg 220. I record any type of music but metal is a lot of fun for me. I am still fairly new but ive studied the pants off of recording techniques. Id like to keep it a hobby but anyone that doesnt like to make money with there hobby is crazy.
Alright, not a bad start, a lot better than what most people use. What are you using for an interface?
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I'm assuming dampening walls, to soak up the reverb and make the sound within the room nice and dry to cancel bleed

what i was planning until i get a legit building was building a room within a room.
its pretty interesting.
a tascam us-1800 its a 8 channel plus 2 instrument channel board.
You have a decent interface. I have the US-2000, which is the bigger brother. Also working on a small home studio. Just ordered the Art VLA II and still need a few more pieces to complete my gear. Also looking for a ribbon mic. Pics in my gear area. Still learning...
Thats awesome! i got a really good deal on the interface so i went with it, i really wish i would have gotten an interface that branched out into more inputs but for what i am doing it is working perfect. What im worried about the most is recording guitars. I recently downloaded guitar rig 4 and i fell in love with it has anyone messed with it?