Look at these kids -

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I’m not exactly an old man or anything like that (yet), but I have, like our pal Doc Coyle, been struggling to come to terms with no longer being the young dude at shows anymore. More and more, when I got to interview bands, I’m actually interviewing guys who are younger than I am, which somehow feels weird — but not as weird as looking around while we were standing near the front during Animals as Leaders’ set at Summer Slaughter and thinking “Hm, we are way out of place up here. We should probably go find all the other old fogies back by the bar.” Which, indeed, is where we found our friends.

So, yeah. I’m not the youngest guy at the show anymore.

But this band In Death I Rise — formerly known as Buried by the Ocean — would make anyone with even the slightest amount of pubic hair feel like John McCain.

So, y’know. In case there was any doubt that horrible, generic deathcore takes little to no skill to play, we have this group of tykes, who, I imagine, are not as big as the instruments they play.

How old do you think these kids are, actually? It doesn’t say on their MySpace page, but I’m gonna guess that the oldest one might — might — be thirteen. But if you told me the age range was more like 10 – 11, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. (Incidentally, the drummer apparently goes by the name “Little Dude.” I don’t know if that’s because he’s a late bloomer, or he’s actually younger than his band mates. For the sake of having the least painful high school experience possible, I hope he’s not a late bloomer.)

So these are kids and their music is terrible and because they’re kids that’s certainly forgivable… as long as they cut this shit out sometime in the near future. I mean, one of them is wearing a Faceless shirt and one of them is wearing a Black Dahlia Murder shirt, and even though some wise-ass in the comments section will surely suggest otherwise, you’d think that if they like The Faceless and BDM, they’d know better than to play music that makes Oceano sound like Mozart.

Meanwhile, I’d like to know who this lil’ dude’s parents are, ’cause he most certainly was not able to get those giant-ass things in his ears without someone signing a permission slip or something. In fact, I know that those things can’t just be shoved in at that size — it’s a gradual process which takes some time. So figure he’s about twelve years old now… is it possible he started putting those in when he was like nine or ten? Is my math at all correct? I don’t really know ’cause I actually like my ear lobes and would never do that to myself. But if I’m right… holy shit, that is some great ****ing parenting, ain’t it?

Anyways, it looks like the band still needs a bass player, so if any of you live in the New Jersey area and have a little brother who plays bass and looks forward to someday being extrememly embarrassed by the indiscretions of his pre-adolescence, well, here’s his shot!

So...if you were the parents of these kids, what would you do? Allow them to keep doing what they're doing? Not even let them start?

I for one, would let them listen to it, but definitely wouldn't let the kids get stuff like piercings until they're older (when they actually know what they're doing and the consequences of their actions). I have a strong feeling that they're doing this to be trendy as well.

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Theyre not my kids so I don't give a crap.

I wouldn't allow my kids to have gauges of that caliber, or any other extreme piercings. Ages 16, 17 id consider though. I'd encourage my child's musical endeavours every step of the way though.
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They can listen/play any kind of music they want, if they were my kids. But the second they try to join some clique, then its back to the basement.
I'd tell my kid he was a douchebag
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The whole damn song is breakdowns wtf.

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Since I am not their parent I say let them do their own thing, eventually (and hopefully) they will grow out of it. If not they can enjoy manual labor for the rest of their life, right?
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Just wait til that dude with the ears is headbanging and chips a tooth. And I'm guessing it's the vocalist, (also that its a guy) and his gutterals blow.
Either way, far too young to be attemping deathcore or grindcore or whatever. They'd never have the stamina
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I'd tell my kid he was a douchebag


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I saw the kid in front and thought "Wow..." then I saw the kid wearing the Faceless shirt and thought "Hope?" and then I heard the music and again I thought "WoW..."
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I've also noticed that as i've got older, I want to be further and further away from the front at a gig. Damn kids with their mushy pits and walls of doom.
1) I wouldn't let my kids have those piercings

2) I would let my kids make that type of music

3) Why the **** do people like that kind of vocals? Whenever I hear those type of vocals I think of a bunch of pussies trying to be scary.
What... Does that kid having fucking bracelets in his ears? I'm not the parent so I'm in no position to judge, but I am curious to know what was going through their minds when they gave consent to let the kid do that.

I don't know what I'd do if I was the parent. I mean, I'm all for letting them explore their creativity and such, but when they start pulling shit like this were they're trying to be tough and fit in with a group that isn't exactly all-ages and friendly... I dunno, shit could get ugly.
How do I reach these kidddssss??????
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That kid should probably hang himself with his own earlobe.


OT: To me, any piercings are a definite no. It's not worth it having to go to such extremes to part of a music group or whatever. As for making the music themselves, that is stupidity at its best. I would say make music when you don't have to subject yourself to such stupidity as perciengs and the like.
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they sound like they have no creativity.
the kid could get boned in his earlobes.
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they sound like they have no creativity.
the kid could get boned in his earlobes.

You'd like that wouldn't you >_>
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I don't believe what I'm hearing. I have got to see this live. I was actually a little impressed by the mixing abilities...not so much the performance itself. It was pretty much a breakdown concerto.

I'm only slightly impressed because I'm sure they just learned the alphabet about a week ago and tying their shoes is next on the agenda. Kids that age should not be allowed to broadcast anything because it's not only dumb but they'll surely regret it sometime in the future.


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I'd tell my kid he was a douchebag

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I'd tease my kid everyday about how he likes false metal.

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That kid could probably hang himself with his own earlobe.

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the kid could get boned in his earlobes.

Excellent thread.
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