This is kind of a hard thing to explain to my fellow UG'ers. Ive got an ibanez with an edge iii trem and when I do string bends I feel sort of a popping noise from the nut. Im fairly confident that the string is slipping through the locked nut because whenever this popping sound occurs, my guitar goes slightly out of tune around the strings that were bent. Has this ever happened to anyone? If so, how do I fix it? Ive got my strings locked pretty tight, and I have the trem blocked so its dive-only.
Soon enough, you'll get plenty of posts from people on here who hate the Edge III, almost as much as the Floyd Rose...
Your locking nut isn't secured properly and is moving when you use your trem. It happens on cheaper guitars.
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If your edge III is not that new it should have 2 allan key screws on the back of the nut.
Tighten those.
If you have a modern edge III I think you can tighten it by the screws that are located where the strings are on in the nut.
So you unclamp the locking pads and then you can hopefully see 1 or 2 screws.
So I just tighten those two screws and that should do it? Im considering going for an OFR soon, and it comes with the whole set. Should I just replace all the trem hardware?