I'll be making a custom guitar later this year and I'll need a few specs first.

In essence, I'd like the red/black guitar from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RcC8OHl7s8

I'll need:

Body, top edge radius (I see it's got some dip in the body at 1:13)
Body, back edge radius
Color (top)
Fingerboard end shape
Finger board colour
Control layout
String tree
control plate
mounting ring
control knobs

*If you need any information, just ask! Thanks for your help!

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Looks like a schecter S-1 elite. I don't think schecter make it anymore so i'm not sure on the specs.

Edit: Just looking at it i'd say it's got an ebony fretboard with mahogany set neck, mahogany body with a maple veneer on top and a dark crimson red stain. The back is flat but i can't say what the contour is at the front. On the schecter website it says the S-1 specs are: Vol/Vol/Tone(coil tap) with a 3 Way Switch.
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