I've been playing for about 2 years now and have outgrown my guitar (skill-wise), after playing friends' guitars I can hear how cheap mine sounds. I want a durable, dependable and good sounding guitar thats not too pricey, preferably a fixed bridge with strings that run through the body. Any suggestions?
What Genres do you play?, . Budget?
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The amp is a Roland cube 60 with a Hardwire TL-2 distortion pedal. I play anything from early Metallica to Bullet For My Valentine, so basically metal with some clean playing here and there. Budget would have to be between $250 and $500. The guitar I have now is a Lyon by Washburn (bought it for $45 dollars at a wal mart, brand new).
I just really think you should go into a local guitar shop and try some out. There's a lot of reasons I think this. The main thing is you want a guitar that not only sounds right to you, but feels right, meaning the way it interacts with you. You won't know this until you spend some time with a guitar in person. It would suck to buy something used via a classified ad or over ebay or through an online store (unless you're willing to spend the time and money to re-sell it) and have to start your search over. For instance, I have tried to love Gibson guitars for a long time especially SGs because I love their look BUT I can't get along with the ergonomics of them (too neck heavy and a weird neck for me). This makes me not want to play guitar when this happens. So I really try to find a guitar that draws me to it.

Second some things look cool in photos until you hold them in your hands and some things look stupid in photos until you hold them in your hands. Case in point I always thought those "road worn" Fender strats were dumb but a friend of mine got one and I was playing it and noticing that rusty screws actually make the guitar seem cool. Go figure.

Anyway I would also say take your time. If you can spend up to $500, you actually have a LOT of options and its worth being patient and experiencing them. I take this approach to a lot of gear. I've been looking for a new amp for three weeks and have been going around to local shops trying stuff out each weekend, as well as watching Youtube vids to get a general idea of what's out there. There's no need for me to rush into things.

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