Is the trade of an ESP/LTD Viper 400 w/ coffin case for a 1990 Ibanez RG560 w/ OHSC worth it? (I don't like coffin cases usually, but the red velvety interior with my black Viper is sexy beyond belief.)

The Viper is from around 2003-2005 I think. It's in excellent condition, with two tiny paint chips near the rear strap lock. And the volume knob is loose, but that's easily remedied. There's little to no buckle rash (meaning a miniscule amount) and it's never been gigged. It plays perfectly, and the action is perfect (for me) with no fret buzz.
As an Ibanez guy, and an owner of an RG5XX, I trust your opinion. I thought pretty much the same way but wanted to make sure.
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As an Ibanez guy, and an owner of an RG5XX, I trust your opinion. I thought pretty much the same way but wanted to make sure.

Yeah, I just got my first RG a couple days ago after having 2 mahogany S's. I love it, the tone from the basswood is awesome even with the stock pickups and I love Ibanez in general. I bet you could have guessed. I have 3 haha.
I like basswood also. I have a mahogany DT-400.

I love my Viper. It was MY first guitar. And it has the most comfortable neck I've ever played. It's like it was fit to my hand when it was being shaped. But I just want to own more guitars, y'know? I've played so many, but I don't regularly buy and sell them.
I bet your going to miss it like I did. I sold my EX-400 which is basically the same guitar as the viper with a different body shape. I sold it to get my first Ibby I believe. I sold it to get my S540FMTT. I miss the hell out of it, but I'm also soooooo glad I got into Ibanez guitars. I'm also glad my first step into Ibanez's was MIJ so I wasn't turned off by an RG350 or something.

But yeah, IMO you should definitely do the trade.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, that LTD was my first REAL guitar too. I got that guitar when I decided to actually start playing and dedicate my time to it.
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The trick is to get more guitars without selling old ones. Especially not your first. So many people regret selling their first.

If you can't just buy it outright, I'd save up; there's lots of opportunities to pick up nice Ibanezes. I've accumulated 2 so far; 1 RG Prestige in basswood (770 reissue) and one in mahagony w/D-Activator pups (Xiphos). Both have factory DiMarzio pups. Love them, but rarely play them in winter due to the bridges (changing temperatures during transport) change the tuning, and the Floyd-style bridges take too long to tune. So I'm glad I didn't sell my Strats to buy the Ibanezes. Also I'm glad I didn't sell my Schecter, either--upgraded the pups and put in a Sustainiac and it's great to have around, too.
Ohh that's true. I didn't think about the non-FR part. My Ibanez was retrofitted with an OFR, and the tuning stability is amazing, but I need a non-FR guitar....

And I don't buy crappy guitars. I have an LTD 400 series and an '80s MIJ Ibanez w/ OFR. And a Guild True American acoustic (best ever, by the way).
Yeah. All my Floyds are totally stable at room temp. If I keep them at home I don't have to tune between string changes at all. But let 'em sit in a cold car trunk or trailer for an hour, and it'll still be 1/4 to 1/2 step out of tune by the time I go on stage. Haven't tried it with those guitars in the summer--may be the same issue since outdoor temps will be even farther from room temp.

Guild makes great guitars. Would snap up one of their electrics in a New York second if I came accross a decent one under $500
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I got mine for $350 including shipping in perfect condition
I've never played a guitar, electric or acoustic, that sounded as amazing. And it plays really well too. Unfortunately, now it's unplayable because the saddle is too short
I need a new one, but I'm with my guitar at my dorm so I can't do anything about it. Luckily I have my Ibanez in my dorm as well.
And I don't mind floyds at all. It's not that hard to set up and changing strings is really not that difficult, but I play a lot of Alter Bridge, and they use a lot of alternate tunings. I wish fine tuners would allow a full step drop.
i would keep the ibanez
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