First piece I've written for many months. First completed piece in even longer. Wrote it this morning as a distraction (assignments need completing). The intention was for it to end somewhat abruptly, so as to leave room for a continuation of the theme throughout an album. It is, however, rather unlikely that this album will ever be written. As the title suggests, this was written on the spot, with little to no modification of the initial product, disregarding a few typing errors.

Quiet time with thieves.

Dressed, not to impress, but to take a stand
“I mean it this time,” she leaves without a smile
Turn around, “She’ll be back in a while”
Take another drink; a moment to think
Watch, for the last time, as she leaves
Take another drink; don’t want to think (about it)

Look around, see the crowd
Take a drink; don’t need to think
Join the ranks of the simple, the stupid, the losers, the users
Take a pick, no need to be subtle;
She won’t be there in the morning, anyway
Take a drink; don’t over think
Don’t regret, just try to forget

One last sip, and it’s an empty glass
Lick the lips, make it last
Like the taste just lost, but it’s still fresh in the head
Oh well, it’s time to forget...

Where’s my drink? Can’t seem to think...
Look around, and see the crowd
The sly, the cunning, the cold, and the ruthless
Subtly stalking, listening to me talking
Where’s my drink? I need a ****ing drink

Suddenly, she’s there, sweet and seductive
The cure for the craving, the flavour that needs tasting
One more drink, and we’re on our way,
With wicked grins, prepared for sin, anything can happen
Sizing up the latest victim
Wait, who’s the victim?
She pours another drink, oh yes; don’t want to over think

One last sip, throw away the glass
Kiss her lips, hard and fast, make it last
What I lost, oh, I can taste it again
Oh well, it’s time to regret...
Angel's stone
Obnoxious truth? Blatant lies? Begin to divine paranoia's guise.
I have no constructive criticism to add, im not good at that, but i just wanted to let you know that i love the title "Quiet time with thieves" I saw the title on the main forum page and i had to click it to see what it was about. I do like the lyrics though.
Yeah, I like the title better than what I wrote, too, lol.
Angel's stone
Obnoxious truth? Blatant lies? Begin to divine paranoia's guise.