USA Gibson Gothic Les Paul
I am just testing the waters with this one, but I have a 2001 USA Gibson Gothic Les Paul I am debating on selling. I bought this guitar literally a few days before sept 11th at a Sam Ash on Long Island. She is just about mint and sits in her case since I got her, so i'd rather she go to some one who will appreciate her. The only mark it has is on the back of the neck which apparently happened at the factory where this guitar was made. Where the mark is, there is black paint still there so this is what leads me to believe it happened before the guitar was painted. ANyway I will add pics tomorrow. I am asking $1500 as the guitar is basically mint but I am open to offers as well. This guitar comes with the custom Gibson Usa hardshell case, truss rod key, and key to the case. PM me with any offers! = )
Accepting offers as I have ahuge vet bill to pay now since my dog got ill a few weeks back and unfortunately didn't make it. All purchases are appreciated! Thanks!
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Sorry to hear about you dog man, mines going in for a risky surgery soon, so I can relate... Wish I could afford this guitar, sadly im broke.

Hey thanks and best of luck to you and your dog! Yea it sux as I have had him since I was 15 and raised him from a 3 month old pup to his ripe age of 13.....but I guess he lived a long life.....unfortunately I put in a lot of money to try and save him but he wound up dying from a blood clot to the brain. One thing that gave me peace of mind in this matter was the day after he died I was to decide whether to continue to treat him or have him put down and that is the one decision I didn't want to make. Well again, best of luck to you and your dog! I hope you have better luck and I hope your dog makes a speedy recovery!!! I put an accepting offers option so any potential interested person could make me an offer and I could decide on it. I really love this les paul and truly will miss her but the vet bill is calling and I only have a certain time period to have it paid off by.