Went up north to visit some family in Santa Cruz and came back with this!

A Squier '51!

Came with a Gator case and a Schaller locking strap setup, I guess you'd call it. The strap and strap nut things? Never bothered with locking straps.

This thing plays fantastically for a squier, and im planning on truly raping it with mods in the future.

So I guess I'll ask you guys what you think it's worth first, cause I dont know what kind of deal i got.
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No idea with the price, but that looks hella sexy for a squire.

x2... didn't know that model.
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looks good. Pics of the strap pegs? Schaller is pretty distinct in its look
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i've heard that a '51 is one of the better guitars squiers made in the past 10 years or so. they look pretty cool to
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i had one, it had a great neck.

overall it's a great mod platform.

i agree with the $150-200 used, although stores blew them out for a lot less when they became discontinued iirc.

Yeah i'm with gregs on that one. The neck is pretty killer on the 51's i used to have one. Felt like a guitar that cost way more then what i paid.
I'd have to agree with approximately $200 used.
It's a really nice guitar for that kind of money though - with a bit of TLC you can make it into something absolutely amazing.
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It's one of the few guitars made recently that the value has actually gone up in the past few years. Originally, these things sold for less than $100US, now you'll be lucky to walk away spending twice that on one.

Also, TS, just so you know, modding it will greatly diminish the resale value.
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Thanks for all the feedback! I already love this guitar as much as my jackson, Im not sure if ill even be considering selling it, I dont see the value going up past $250 or so, and until i fall in love with a fender im going to stick with this baby, maybe change a few things that are reversible

I bought it for $150 by the way, so i guess i got a decent deal 'cause of the strap locks and case

i dont get why they would discontinue these though, they gathered such a following, i only wish i could have known when they were on blow out everywhere
and here's that strap lock pic
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