I am a gigging musician, and i'm playing in a metal band that is getting more and more serious as time goes, and we're looking to play some big gigs in the near future. The problem is that i still only own a quite sad 15w Line6 Spider, which has never been used for gigs, as i've always borrowed amps either from other bands or from the venue itself. So now i'm looking for a new big serious amp to be my permanent practice and gigging amp.

My favorite bands that i aspire to sound like, are:
Nr.1: Muse without a doubt, so versatility is very important
The Metal Domain: Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God
Soft stuff: Coldplay, U2
Punk-y: The Clash, Green Day
World of Rock: Slash's many projects, Queen, Hendrix
Indie and Raw stuff: White Stripes, Old Arctic Monkeys,
Grunge: Nirvana, Soundgarden

As is very obvious, i'm looking for lots and lots of versatility. I'm not that picky about brands any more, but i really want some great cleans, and some great distortion if possible. I'm pretty set on going for a 100% Tube amp, with focus on some sort of 100w Head.

I'm currently considering a Marshall JVM 410 because of the 4 channels, and that it has potential for lots of versatility, but do you guys have other suggestions?
Marshall, definitely. Most of the bands/artists you name are known for their marshall sound. Other than that, I think Marshall are pretty versatile overall.. from a crunchy overdrive to a cutting distortion sound, or just a sparkling nice clean, they've got it all. I think they'd really go with you style/taste.

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You like a ridiculously broad range of tones. I'd honestly recommend a Peavey Vypyr Tube or a Line 6 Spider Valve to cover everything you want. No single all tube head will be able to do all that, except for maybe a Mess Road King. Which I'd definitely recommend if you have the budget for it.
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Mesa Boogie Mark V, I just recently got one and it`ll pretty much cover everything, 3 channels with 3 modes in each channel, reverb for each channel and and and, hell just have a look here:
Simul-Class Power Amp featuring Multi-Watt and Duo-Class technologies which provide three power and three operating class options that are channel assignable via 10/45/90 Watt Power Switches: Choose 2 power tubes operating in pure vintage Class A (single-ended), producing 10 Watts - 2 tubes running in time-honored Class A/B producing 45 Watts or 4 tubes running in Mesa’s legendary, patented Simul-Class Power that blends the best of Class A and Class A/B simultaneously to produce 90 Watts of pure tonal magic / 4x6L6 (or 4xEL-34), 7x12AX7, 1x5U4

Bias Select Switch (6L6/EL34)

Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance

Full Power/Variac Power

3 Fully Independent Channels with 9 Modes (Channel 1 = Clean, Fat or Tweed™, Channel 2 = Edge, Crunch or Mark I™, Channel 3 = Mark IIC+™, Mark IV™ or Extreme)

Each Channel features: Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Master, Footswitchable or Auto-Assignable Contour Depth Control, Footswitchable All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb Control, Rectifier Tracking (Auto-selects Tube for all 10 Watt Modes, Diode for all 90 Watt Modes, selectable Tube or Diode for 45 Watt Modes on Channels 1 and 2, Diode for 45 Watt Mode on Channel 3.

5 Band Graphic EQ is Footswitchable, Channel Assignable and Selectable between 1 group of 5-Band Sliders or 3 channel specific, variable depth Contour Controls.

Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or True Bypassable Fully Buffered FX Loop with Send Level Control (over all channels when activated)

Output Level Control (over all channels when activated)

Footswitchable Solo Level Control (over all channels when activated)

True “Hard” Bypass Switch removes FX Loops, Output Level & Solo Level Controls from signal path

Tuner Output w/Footswitchable Mute

Slave Out w/Level Control

Fan Cooled with On/Off Switch
The Mark V is also an excellent choice, TS. The only reason I didn't mention it is that it doesn't let you use El34's and 6L6's at the same time like the Road King does.
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My band:
Fractured Instinct
(For fans of Death/Groove/Prog Metal)

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For what you are asking, I would say an all tube Marshall.
Nevertheless the Mesa Boogie Mark V is a hell of an amp (although I don't think it is so versatile as the Marshall).

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That is ridiculously broad does your band cover all that range
Or do you just play all that in your spare time

And I'd go with a marshall
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Mesa Road King. Covers um... everything.

Its all about your budget, if you can only afford a Marshall JVM410h, then get it. If you can afford a Mesa Road King, (twice the price nearly) get it.

My 2 cents.