Any boxers out there? I just started boxing (mostly to get abs and get rid of my bitch tits) but I have found it to actually be a fun workout. Anyone have any tips for a beginner though? I feel like I am already getting some results after a week.

Thanks in advance
Always do your training in some form of a montage....
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TS I am a amature boxer in Australia, My record so far is 5-0 I only started proper boxing training last year too

Just like everything else in life TS just keep on practicing.
Also remember a good punch comes from your legs and hips.
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Make sure you learn proper punching technique. Do shit tons of jump rope and bag work. Make sure your footwork is light, nimble and fast. And kick ass, boxing is awesome.
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After a couple drinks me and my mates will get the gloves on, it's heaps fun.

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This probably isn't the place to ask for boxing advice.

Take your business to a combat forum, bud.
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I do a bit of boxing. I run a mail order pornography business, and most of my stuff can't be shipped in envelopes.
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I have light spars with a boxer friend of mine often. He's damn good, especially for his age.

As for tips, these are some pretty basic stuff I've learnt from experience, so I guess people who aren't trained will benefit from these the most:

Keep your elbows in, arms up, and unless going for a hit, arms together. Your arms are a barrier between you and your opponent. Make sure you're behind your arms at all times.

Keep low (but keep your back straight, too), and your body moving. This makes you a smaller and harder target to hit. Plus you'll already have the momentum to attack. You never want to be directly in front your opponent either. Keep moving to his side, and if he moves to your side, follow him.
Keep at it. As with anything, listen to your coach and the people you're training with. They can see what you're doing well and what needs improving, and if you've just started out then they know better. Make sure you keep friendly with everyone too, if everyone's getting along then training sessions will be good fun, friendly and productive. If people start getting on each other's tits, that stops.
My friends and I have started doing a bit on the weekends. I suck royally because I hardly ever throw good punches and when I do I hit them in the face, which isn't allowed after we broke someone's nose. I can take hits like a mother ****er though.
Good for you, man! With the popularity of MMA, the sweet science has gotten neglected! Good to see you taking it up and having some fun!
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Basically, over here if you want to go to a gym its full of pikeys.
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I've only tried boxing a few times but it was so much fun. I'd love to do it more often.
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Basically, over here if you want to go to a gym its full of pikeys.


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Don't push too hard til you're used to it. I started last year, and after about 10 lessons I had to quit because I was just going all out. My shoulders are still wrecked.
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