Hey UG,

I'm restringing my new Gretsch.. but I'm wondering, is it important that the string really 'surrounds' the tuner on the headstock? Or are like 2 turns enough? I hope you know what I'm talkin about


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^ He's talking about windings, not how to restring.

anyway, TS, you normally want about anywhere between 2 and 3 winds around the peg.
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you normally want about anywhere between 2 and 3 winds around the peg.

this is pretty much what i was gonna say, though i usually go for 3-4 on the lower 3 (D, A, E) and 4-5 on the higher ones (e, B, G)
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I put my strings through with a small bit of slack, then I tune 'em up and snip the ends off. That usually leaves my high strings with 1-3 windings. On my lower strings, sometimes they don't even go around it once. As long as it stays in the tuner and doesn't slip you'll be fine.
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Thats why I use the method I posted earlier, there is no slippage and the guitar stays intune better because there is less string that can stretch.
I wind as much takes to get a good angle between the nut and tuner post. Most tuning problems involve nut snag and the right amount of windings around the post means the string will leave the post at the appropriate point height wise and put minimal download pressure of the string on the nut. It should be just enough pressure to keep the string from popping out of the nut. This usually means on 3 per side headstocks set at an angle require more wounds for the D and G strings a little less for the A and B Strings and minimal for the high and low E strings. Make sense?