hi guys i know a little bit a bout how major chords are made for example C major ...(C root... E third ...G 5th) but i have a problem what are the notes of a C# chord D# ... G#
It's exactly, the same you just up everything a semitone for a C#. It's still constructed on the basis of Root, 3rd, 5th just using the C# Major scale
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i have no problem with learning some theory dude

Thats good, the link i posted is about basic chord construction

Hope it helps.
Combination of these. Mainly it's about the players experimentation. The names seem to be consequential, or there as a result of what he heard that he liked.

I'll put it this way, when you know all your chords and notes that make up all chords, then you can look at what someone does and put a name on it. It's not like the guy thought, "ah here is a Dm9, so I guess I'll do a G# aug next" It's more like, "hey these notes sound cool together", and someone comes along and figures out what name to call it.

So you are interested in learning theory? How do you intend to go about it to make sure you don't have holes in your understanding?