hi! i'm just new to pedal DIYs. im currently working on the colorsound inductorless wah pedal c/o paul marossy.

i saw that the input jack was specified to be stereo. but when i opened up my guitar, fender strat, its just a mono jack. and i know that majority of guitars have mono jacks.
i'm very sorry if this is a stupid question to some. i have a not so good background with electronics.

should the input jack for the wah be stereo? or can i just put a mono jack? thanks for the replies.
im pretty sure it supposed to be stereo because if you used mono you wont have it grounded or your circuit wont be complete but id wait till someone conferms what i said im pretty sure thats why you cant thou
The stereo jack essentially acts like a switch - when you use a mono jack plug, it connects the lugs marked S and R which connects the ground from the power source to ground on the circuit. If you unplug the input jack, it turns off the power which saves the battery.

You could use a mono socket and just connect both the wires that currently go to the sleeve (S) and ring (R) to the sleeve on the mono socket but it won't then disconnect the power when unplugged.
i get it. the other lead of the jack was used to make the jack act like a switch. anyways, i already have a switch on the circuit.

thanks guys!