Sup guys

before anyone says this ISNT my song, its owned by periphery

the only lyrics i could find were on the video they posted but its preatty difficult to follow as the words arnt synced up all that well :/

anyway heres the lyrics to Frak the Gods, enjoy!

Lives earased
their memories will never surface again
now our plan for domination is at hand
harvest the flesh enslave the planet they call home
for one thousand ****ing years

this is the age of a new direction
no one stands in the way of our reign over this sector
that has been newly claimed

ill evade the sun
if life is given to those in the shadows
now i must erase the sight
of the living and seperate from the eyes

swallow the ink down
might as well
we're all destined
to fall off the pages we've written
call it fate or whatever the brain will label it as
while we return to the planet

with the body
the death isnt what seems
we are now the ones to be extinct
only forgivness can end this

death it seems
death it seems so imminent
there is nothing that can be done here
the impending destruction
of our race as we know

ill evade the sun
if life is given to those in the shadows
now i must earse the sight
of the living and seperate from these eyes

eyes from around
they gather in disbelief
of the air we breath
and the little we know of it

this is a time for evaluation
collecting the mind of a conscious infinity

accepting the consiquence
of the ignorance
changes how you perceive

within this a truth and a reason
met with distaste
falling from the heavens about we've been
we've been dethroned
our lives must replay
in hope of assending peacfully

let the violence bring us home
oh yeah!
take us away from what we know
because they havnt been posted anywhere and UG is the only place im signed up to with a lyrics forum haha

thought they might be useful to someone instead of having them saved on my pc gathering dust
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...why did you post this?

Why not? I was interested in what the hell Spencer was saying in the song. And now I know
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