ok so im thinking of totaly refinishing my amp. no mods or anything like that just cosmetic stuff.
the idea is to do some detailed art work on it, new pots, handle ect

so on to the questions
1 the finish on it just now is 99% perfect, so are there any paints that will go straight on to tolex? i think its tolex anyway, that mottled kind of hard platic. i wont be able to use sprays or anything, so would enamal paints do it, ive seen them used on glossed plastic in model building.

2 if it comes down to it i thought i could just peel the tolex off, sand off the glue, prime the wood and the paint the art on. how hard is this glue to remove, and realistically am i going to be able to get aa good surface to paint on

thats it i think, if anyones done this already id love to see pics of how it went

You can use vinyl spray paint from auto stores on tolex, regular acrylics can peal of too easily. I'd say get a can of the stuff and have a go on a small hidden area such as a bit of the tolex that's inside the cab and see how it works. It'll have an interesting texture though.

If you have to take the tolex off, it's usually stuck on with a contact adhesive and is pretty hard to pry off (depending on how well the cab is made), you'd need to get at it with razor blades and such like. Once it's off you can sand down the wood and get all the adhesive off and it should paint just fine.
Thanks for the reply matt, I think ill go with stripping her back to the wood rather than spraying. Not looking forward to scrapping the glue off but sound simpler than a re spray.

Thanks again