I'm gonna be purchasing a new guitar with part of my deployment money. I'm having a hard time figuring out which one may perhaps be better. Any thoughts???
interesting question. I've been half-toying with the idea of getting one or the other for a while now.

I haven't tried the 1421, but from what I hear it might have some indonesian hardware. the 121's hardware (as far as i'm aware... certainly the tuners, not too sure about the bridge) is japanese/gotoh.

the 121 is an old discontinued model so, if you're buying new, it's basically dependent on being able to find a store which still has them (and if you do it might be in shop condition, as it'll probably have been hanging around for a couple of years).

Aside from that, it really depends on whether you prefer basswood or mahogany (or mahogany + maple if you're talking the older 121s) for the body, and whether you prefer HSH or HH pickups. And whether you prefer a scratchplate or not- also the 121 should come with a hard case, the 1421 just has a gigbag. EDIT: ah i got confused between the 1451 and 1421, the 1421 isn't available here. In that case, the pickup layout is the same (though the actual pickups are different models) and it doesn't have a scratchplate either, so those two things aren't up for consideration any more.
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