Witness the Darkness is a death metal band from London, originally formed in Winchester in 2008.

Kerran Macklin – Vocals (2010–present)
Ollie Hunt – Guitar (2008–present)
Tom Mehigan – Guitar (2008–present)
Nauris Kostjuks – Bass (2011–present)
Josh Andrews – Drums (2010–present)
James Lane – Bass (2009–2010)

Witness the Darkness was formed in 2008 by Ollie Hunt and Tom Mehigan. They wrote and recorded a couple songs, while searching for a bassist and a drummer. They eventually found a bassist, James Lane, in 2009, and went into the studio in 2010 to record their demo. Since then, the band has moved to London, and found a drummer, Josh Andrews, and a vocalist, Kerran Macklin. James left the band due to living far from London. They then found a bassist, Nauris Kostjuks in 2011, and have lined up a few gigs. Witness the Darkness are currently looking for more gigs, and are preparing to re-record their demo and record some new songs.

You can listen to our music here: http://www.facebook.com/witnessthedarkness