Cool tune, nothing more to say. It's perfect as it is!

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Damn, pretty damn inspiring watching someone play stuff like that. Sometimes the high notes are somewhat unclear... but nothing really that big stuff to be fixing. I like the progressions, in my opinion the main progression canbe may change in terms of bass line, but actually its already awesome stuff so its really a personal choice of what you want to do, I thought it was cool man :].
thanx guys! yeh i love playing this type of music, the song was banged out pretty quick so i couldo spent more time working on it lol
Hi there!

What can I say! what a great performance! :O... you're really talented man, really dig your stuff, musically it's really inspiring, it kind of remind me august rush (the movie) which it's not a bad thing just a comment lol. keep up the good work man, you got it definitely. great...great tune!

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