I was writing a solo when I busted out some lick that sounded good in the song but I'm not sure what scale it is, just wondering if anyone knows what its called. I'm sure there are at least a couple names for: s-s-t-s-t-t-t+s
Im sorry but I've never used a s-s-t convention of naming intervals. could you maybe repost with something like w-w-h-w-w-w-h or even better the actual notes that you are playing. I have a scale/chord synopticon that i can look up 4 u
A A# B C# D E F# G
are these the notes you have?

then your probably in B minor with lowered/raise 7th included

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This is A Mixolydian Scale (A B Db D E Gb G) right? im pretty sure it can also be

A Mixolydian Scale
A Major (Ionian) Scale
B Harmonic Minor Scale
B Minor (Aeolian) Scale
B Melodic Minor Scale
B Dorian Scale
Db Phrygian Scale
Db Locrian Scale
D Major (Ionian) Scale

*whew* that was alot of work. Hopefully i helped and not just confuse you further
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Thanks, that's close but I don't think its mixolydian exactly, maximumrocker's got the right notes there, with the g added there's still a h-h interval that you don't find in the western scale/modes unless there's some added note. So its probably a mixolydian or b minor with the respective addition interval. Thanks all for putting me on the right track!