I got a PM requesting I do a review of my pre-Peavey Cargo, so here it is.

The Cargo is Composite Acoustics' smallest guitar. It's all carbon fiber, and is just about the size of a mini dread, close to the size of a Baby Taylor or Little Martin, and just a hair bigger than my Yamaha JR1. This one is the RT model, which stands for road tough, and is a slightly rough finish. Cargos have a slender 1 3/4" nut, and a short scale of 22.75”. They have a cutaway and a slim, rounded body that's very comfortable to play even for those of us who aren't too tall or who have shoulder issues.

The RT Cargo has a lot of bass - much more than any other small guitar I've played, and more than a lot of 000's, GA's or OM's. In fact, while the Cargo Raw has more highs, the RT version of the Cargo needs strings with a little extra top end to balance it out, and then it sounds great. The Cargos are also loud, much louder than smaller guitars tend to be, yet the sound is very nice - not hollow or odd. I played a show with my Cargo with no amplification for around 80 people and they could hear it outside the room where we were playing.

I found the body of the Cargo extremely comfortable. It's under 4 inches deep, and the curved back means you can sort of move it around to suit your body shape. The neck is not very deep, and is a good medium width for finger picking or strumming. One thing worth mentioning is that the very back of the neck is a bit flat, not totally but an unusual shape.

The Composite Acoustics Cargo comes with a very padded extremely high quality gigbag. It's made by Access and is their 3/4 size bag. It's probably about the best quality bag I've seen or owned - very nice, and good protection.

While there's no way quite yet to know if the Peavey version of the Cargo will be offered in the RT finish, and we don't know yet if their version will be exactly like this one, if you either find one used or find one that's new-old stock, it should be like mine.

A very cool thing about any carbon fiber guitar is that they are pretty much immune to humidity issues. Whether you play your Cargo in 90% or 10% humidity, it will sound the same, and won't be in danger of cracking from dryness or of swelling in high humidty.

The bottom line - the Cargo is a very comfortable smaller guitar that sounds MUCH bigger than you'd expect. It's got lots of bass, 1 3/4" nut and a contoured back that conforms to pretty much anyone's body shape. Great strummer, excellent finger picker, but not a guitar for someone who's looking for a bright sound or a long scale. When it comes to strings, I prefer to play mine with either DR Rare phospor bronze or Thomastik Plectrums. I love my Cargo for all sorts of playing, and while I preferred the gloss top version's sound a bit - you can use any strings and not have too much boom - I wouldn't sell this guitar as it's fun and sounds great.

You can check out a a clip of my Cargo in my profile, but I don't know how accurate it is since I don't find our recorder to be perfectly accurate.
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Great review, patti.

Do you find that the guitar slides off your lap when sitting? I know the Ovations and the plastic make for a slippery surface.
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i have not found the cargo slides off my lap at all. unlike ovations, the cargo back isn't round, just curved at the edges, and they also almost 4" flat sides sides more like a regular acoustic guitar.
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