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I highly doubt it, unless wood and metal become none renewable.
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Yeah, I use a Squier Strat.
Wow, looks slick. I'd want to play one sometim,e.

I also like that the non-affiliate google advertising says: Sexy g-strings for women.
Without the tactile response of strings I'd be forced to constantly look at the, for lack of a better word, fretboard to know what I was doing (if it works the way I believe it to). I don't think I'd want one.

I sure as hell hope not...
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I would want to try one out. I'm sure it would take alot of getting used to but I think I could play a "stringless" guitar

edit: but the body is ****ing ugly. a warlock and a SG? srsly?
I would hate it. I like the weight of a guitar, the feel of the wood and having the strings resist against me. It makes me feel like I'm playing something real, not some glorified MIDI controller.

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Without the tactile response of strings I'd be forced to constantly look at the, for lack of a better word, fretboard to know what I was doing (if it works the way I believe it to). I don't think I'd want one.

Exactly this.

You need the tangibility of strings to really be able to know what you're playing. If they could/do build in tactile feedback (which) really wouldn't be all that difficult it'd be a winner.
How do you know which string you're picking?


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What's the point?
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Mabey its so that guitar strings dont hurt your fingers, which is a sad thing to fix... because honestly... all you gotta do is have calice... but how would it work? it confuses me!
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Hmm, is it an MIDI controller, or is it meant to simulate a real guitar? MIDI controllers laid out as guitars are incredibly useful to the electronic musician that is much better with a guitar then a keyboard, but they're not meant to simulate real guitars, because they just can't. The guitar is the only thing that can sound like a guitar. *derp*
Has any wind instrument been replaced after existing for hundreds of years?


Doubt it could replicate the authenticity of real guitar sounds or the techniques on guitar that make it a unique instrument. Thus, doubt it will catch on.
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I doubt it will catch on - Stuff like this pops up every so often, people care for a week, then they completely forget it ever existed.

Now if something were invented to replicate the tone, feeling, and general looks of an electric guitar... Owait. That already exists. It's called an electric guitar.
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Saw something similar in a video at the most recent NAMM. Certainly would never replace a real guitar but would make for a good guitarist friendly midi controller.
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I don't see the problem with this, it allows a group of people to attempt to learn guitar because of their fear of magnets.
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No, just no.
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People who make and buy things like this don't understand what it is like to play guitar.
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i wouldnt buy one, becuase like others have said, i like to feel the strings underneath my fingers, i havnt worked on these caluses for years only to have them remove the need!!!

on a side note, this is a much cooler stringless guitar.
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I doubt it could surpass real guitars, but they definitely have potential for some interesting musical capabilities.
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