So lately I've been listening to a fair bit of late blues/rock kind of stuff. A lot of clapton, SRV hendrix etc. and am really thinking of learning to play/write this sort of stuff.

So far I have learnt Purple Haze, hey Joe and Wind cry's Mary from Hendrix, and Cocaine, Layla and Sunshine of your love by clapton.
However, I'm in need of a song or two to learn to bridge the gap between these and stuff like little wing, pride and joy etc. Any recomendations/lessons?
Learn various blue progressions and turn arounds.
Heres a few songs I recommend you check out.
Really though, just learn different blues progressions and play with them a bit. It really is just a formula, everything else is up to the person playing.

(G)Jesus left Chicago - ZZ Top
(E)Bring it on home(Intro) - Led Zep

Might also want to check out
Down by the river by Neil Young
Easy and shows the dynamics of writing a basic song.
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