It's been a while since ive done any recording. My quest remains the same, to make half-decent recordings by stuffing Rock Band microphone in front of a half stack and making noises >.< ... because im a cheap pooface.

also a but rusty on songwriting so please be gentle - use vasaline if you have to


of course ill crit yours back when i get a chance to
criting as I'm listening, for using a rockband mic I think the guitar sounds good, when the guitar comes in around 1:30, it could use a little work, seems like it fades out to early at times, unless you meant that? Maybe work on your transitions from each riff a little more, but it sounds good, keep up the good work, would deffinitly sound better with a vocalist also,

I think it sounds a bit odd, it changes from some kind of happy sounding riff to a more regular metal riff thingy. I agree with Nitzors that you should work on the transitions, besides that it's decent, and it would really sound better with some kind of vocalist.
I liked it. you got a pretty good sound out of the rockback mic, but i HAVE to say, PLEASE get an interface. SM57 clones are like $30 and you can get a interface for about $150. it will REALLY help your tone alot.

As far as the song, i liked it, although the bass seemed to be lacking a bit? the drums were well programmed, but i think you need a dedicated drum program for sure.

good stuff! sometimes i have a hard time sitting through originals. Not this one though, i throughly enjoyed it
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Hi there!

I can picture this as a death metal song?... maybe? I don't know... I liked some riffs there, the intro its really funny and unexpected, I really liked the final part, good way to end the track, I can't believe this was made with a rock band microphone, I mean it doesn't sound pro but not that bad either, good track man, keep up the good work!

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