I recorded some swamp bluesy stuff. This is basically new terrain for me, in fact the only slide player I know is Ry Cooder. I'm a complete noob in slide guitar and know nothing about techniques or slide-songwriting. Atleast that makes it non-generic.

Recording chain if someone's interested: guitar ->recorder ->audacity.

Don't ask for the tuning, I'd have to look it up on the guitar.

Thanks for the reviews! Pretty trippy slide stuff here! I'm not great on slide, but it might help to dampen the strings right in back of the slide with one finger, but maybe you are already doing that. Some of the playing is a little sloppy, but most of it is good. Watching some youtube videos of slide guitar could help. Overall, I like it. If you like Led Zeppellin, I think Jimmy Page is awesome on slide (it's better on the Led Zeppellin DVD filmed in the 70's):

Ok, I didn't ask for a counter review, but thanks nevertheless. Listening a second time I realized my technique kinda... sucks, some notes make me cringe.