Hey sorry if this is a noob question but...

Hey I'd just like to ask you guys, would it sound the same/feel right to string a guitar with 9's on the G, B and high e strings (so G is 16, B is 11, high E is 9) and 10's on the lower three strings so 46 on the low E, 36 on the A, 26 on the D.

I guess this lets you sound like more heavy on the lower strings, while maintaining the ability to solo fast on the higher strings. could also work to put 11s as the lower three?

thanks for your time guys
those guages are actually sold as a pack called hybrid slinkys by ernie ball, i use them and they kick ass
I use (10-52s) on my 7 string with a .64 on the low B so yeah you could do that. 10-52s by the way are an example of light top/heavy bottom strings.
Someone on here uses a custom set of all wound strings, though I can't remember who it is.

The gauges you mention are actually sold by many string companies as a hybrid set, for just that reason, so theres nothing wrong with putting them on.