Hey guys,

I am recording my own track in Logic, when a message came up saying "Memory Full; avoid using plug-ins". In my track I have;

Track 1: Audio (Lead Guitar)
Track 2: Audio (Rhythm Guitar)
Track 3: Audio (Bass Guitar)
Track 4: Audio (Sample of me winding a metronome up)
Track 5: Audio (Piano)
Track 6: AU (Kick drum, superior drummer, compressor and EQ)
Track 7: AU (Snare Drum, superior drummer, compressor and EQ)
Track 8: AU (Tom 1. superior drummer)
Track 9: AU (Tom 2, superior drummer)
Track 10: AU (Tom 3, superior drummer)
Track 11: AU (Hi-hat, superior drummer, EQ and compressor)
Track 12: AU (crash cymbal, superior drummer)
Track 13: AU (superior drummer, ride cymbal.
Track 14: AU (EVB, 60's rock organ)

now I have never had this problem even when doing crazy avant-garde stuff using loads of synthesisers, so I don't understand why it is happening now. In case your wondering, I have done all the separate bits of the drum kit on separate tracks for greater control and I plan on bouncing them to audio in the final mix, will that solve it? Is all the Superior Drummers a problem?

Btw, i'm using a iMac, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. Running Logic 9
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^ unquestionably, run one instance and route it out to multiple tracks.

Thanks mate, any ideas how i'd do it in Logic?

EDIT: Forget this, I have already managed it
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