Hello to everybody out there!

As said, I have problem with my Zoom processor(i bought it 2 days ago).
The main problems is that when I turn it on it appears the message - SNDZFX.
I tried to find what exactly is this and it appears it's some kind of error. However, I still don't know how to fix this. The weirdiest thing of all is that the processor sometimes works, sometimes it's just SNDZFX and I have no access to anything of it.
I'm sure someone here had the same problem, so be so kind to help me, cause it's really annoying and it's devastating me.

P.S. The processor shows that message with either 4 batteries or Ac adapter.
P.S. I have no smart media card in it.
Also I'd like to tell you not to send me the manual of this model, cause the manual doesn't say anything 'bout that kind of a problem.

Thanks in advance!


Generally, if you have an error SNDZFX, then you need to press the following items, when you turn the processor to hold down the button EDIT without releasing the button!

or you have to disassemble the processor chip to wipe the dust or the oxidation of the contacts for this reason Zoom oxidizes the contacts in the same way as on a computer
Yeah, I've seen this on yahoo answers, but it doesn't help me much. After 2 hours may be there'll be success. I may try only the dust and oxidation part, but if someone has pass through this, I'd be really thankful to give a hand here.

P.S. Really, I don't want links with the manual.