As a bit of an experiment, I would like to get a guitar and just mod the shit out of it, and I need a good test subject, do you guys think this is a good subject for my evil plan?
Pretty ideal if you're planning on switching out all the hardware and electronics. It might be cheaper to just get a body and neck off of eBay though.

(Also, the headstock is fugly)
Yeah just get a used first act or something. I got one for free and modded it completely and now it is my beloved fretless electric guitar. I'm sure you could find a really cheap or even free crap guitar and bring it new life. The ebay idea is a good one too
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The SX necks are actually quite nice, a bit chunkier than your average Fender and they have jumbo frets. However, they also have a thick poly coat on them. If these attributes are good for you then it's a good guitar to mod. If not just go find a used Squier Affinity for $60 or so and have at it.....
i'll interject here and say that i bought one of the p90 hawks once. The frets were made out of such a soft metal that when it fell onto my bed fretboard-first once it burred up the frets.

EDIT: it only fell a grand total of 1 foot as well.
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I'd just eBay/pick up a used strat, to be honest.
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Get on eBay and get something like an Aria STG. Good woods (alder body, maple neck), the headstock is much cooler and they go for peanuts. eBay have millions of pickguards too, or Hell, just Google "black pickguard" and you're bound to stumble on one.
I have a VGS Screech which I plan on having routed for a Sustainiac and original Floyd, among other things.

Getting a beat-up cheap guitar is probably the best option, since it can only get better from there. I guess the one in the OP will work nicely, too.
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