I am goin out tonight to test drive these guitars, but I'm not really fine tuned enough as a guitar player to even tell the difference. Sure if one is really uncomfortable for some reason or has something I hate about it, I'll pass, but I don't have the eye/ear/hands for detail. So if you guys can give me any pre-thoughts on these, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Looking for a metalcore+ guitar

You can look at them here
Ibanez Rgr521ex1
Ibanez Rg270dx
Ibanez Rga42
Ibanez Rg5 Ex1

You can look at them here
Ibanez Rg 7321
Ibanez Rg270dx
Ibanez Rg350mdx
Ibanez S470
Ibanez Rg350m
Ibanez Rg470
Be mindful of the bridge that come with these RG's. Some are really critical of the Edge III bridge, others don't have a major problem. Also look at the neck profile, Wizard I, II, III etc. On a personal note I prefer the INF pickups to the V's they offer in some of their RGs now, something to think about.
If you are going out to test different guitars don't pass up trying some ESP/LTD's. They are heavy metal also and very good guitars

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When it comes to RGs, be very wary of the Edge 3 bridge. Most of the ones I've tried had a nasty habit of going radically out of tune, even if I just palmed the bridge.

About the pickups, most people say that you should change them as soon as you can... Which I strongly recommend.
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too what EMG's?

There aren't many used ESP/LTD's around me. I could always buy a new one I guess.

Technically I can spend up to $700, but this is my first "real" guitar. As in, I'm learning on it, but its not my first guitar. I've just never put serious effort in to learning to play, and now I am.