ok so im really wanna get a new amp. I have a solid state peavy vyper. Its okay but i really wanna get an all tube amp. I went to my local store and played around on an AC30 and it sounded really good. Doing some research came across the blackheart series BH100 head and cab. I could get the AC30 1000 or the blackheart head and cab for 800. Anyone tryed out that amp got any feed back for me. 1000 is my limit and i want the best bang for my buck. I play alt, rock, punk.
I personally don't understand the hype on the Peavey Vypyrs. I went down and tried one at a local shop after I read all the recommendations here and elsewhere and I walked away shrugging my shoulders and still not understanding it.

My friend has a Blackheart cab and it sounds great. The AC30 is a classic though. I doubt you would go wrong with either.

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What Walt said!

Also, have you looked into Bugera amplifiers? If you can get past a little brandname snobbery you'll find they have some excellent amps for a good price. And because they are modelled on famous amps from other companies you're likely to find one that suits your style!
the only thing is im going off what people recoment atm. My in local store only carrys mesa, marshalll amd vox. I really did like the AC30, my casino sound great through it. But for a little less tha blackheart seemed nice. But its hard to travel right now t
o try other amps, but i want something i can also play really loud and cab produce a nice crunch when i need it. Right now im playing my epi casino and lespaul custom.