i recently put an EMG 81/85 combo in my rg 220 and i love the new gain sound. however i now want another electric that can handle a myriad of tones yet get that metal sound i love. i am also looking to spend in the $300-$500 range. some ideas ive had are purchasing a cheaper esp model and replacing the pickups with a duncan SH5 and something else. anyone have any recommendations?
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How heavy do you go? Name some genres/artists please.
What other music (besides metal) do you want to play. If it is a wide range, what tones are most important to you?
What amp do you play through?
i play through my shitty ibanez 15 watt or my friends 15 watt line 6 spider 2 or 3...its a 3 i think

for heaviness i like metalcore a lot and 80s thrash and british metal. some bands are
august burns red
darkest hour and killswitch engage ive gotten way into lately.
all shall perish

my ibanez with the emgs can handle the distortion great, but the clean tones come off a bit weak. i want a guitar that is almost if not as adept as my ibanez in handling the heavy tones and capable of playing something like pink floyd or incubus

pretty much my rg is a metal guitar now, but i want an electric that can handle metal as well as hard rock, classic rock and alternative.
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