Hi all - my first thread - can anyone help?
3 songs into our set on Saturday night my beloved B200R started "being naughty"!

It started with an electrical "crackle" - then developed into a slow loss of output - then volume cutting in and out.
Other points of interest;
a) Not a speaker problem as the crackle was also heard at the desk (thru the DI)
b) a swift tap on the back of the amp unit (on the left hand side looking at the front of the amp - i.e. the jack inputs / valve housing side of the amp) temporarily cleared the problem. Then it slowly returned.

Stripped the amp tonight - no sign of any obvious loose conenctions etc and can't make the amp fail.
It has been suggested could be the valve on the way out - so have changed that tonight too - amp has now been on for 2 hours with no sign of failure.

Anyone have any ideas / had same problem?
Thanks, P

p.s. as for the gig - struggled thru the first set - then used my spare for the second - PHEW!
1st thing to cheak. Leads. sometimes lead cheakers wont do the trick either. Change them first before you pull stuff appart.

2nd, imput jacks (loose)
- soldering