From the site:

"Queens Of The Stone Age will celebrate the March re-release of its expanded, remastered self-titled debut with a limited run of North American shows. These one-time only events will feature the band playing the entire first album plus additional material from that same early Queens era, as well as nightly surprises."

Is anyone else as stoked as I am to see QOTSA in Oakland? I'm so glad they're playing Northern California (they hardly ever do) cause I hate the boring ass drive to L.A. (saw them there August 12, 2010).

Plus the first album is badass, I'm glad I've gone through the time it takes to grow on you. Can't wait to actually hear 'Walkin' On The Sidewalks' and 'If Only' live... Legendary.

Now if only crappy ass Verizon would release the LG Optimus 2x (Tegra 2) phone in the United States (like it did in Korea about a month ago) so I could use it to record a sweet 1080p video of the concert It's not like I'm actually going to buy a goddamn Iphone 4.

P.S... Wtf???