I have a few guitars in mind, but I just can't choose which one...
I've played all of them at music stores too.

-Gretsch ELectromatic Hollowbody
-Epiphone Casino
-Gibson LP studio
-Gibson SG 60's with P-90's
-Mexican Tele

I've been playing for 2 years and I currently have a mexi Strat and a Marshall class 5 amp. I am sort of looking for a guitar with fatter tones than my strat, but more so just a guitar with different tones.

-I play mostly classic rock (beatles, jimi hendrix, cream, creedence, buffalo springfield, neil young, CSN&Y, etc.)

Give me your thoughts.
I have a gibson SG standard and play pretty much the same stuff you do (with a little more concentration on blues) and it works perfectly. Not sure about the other stuff but the hollow body would be worth looking into I think.
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Go into Guitar Center and tell them you are willing to spend $3000 on as many Spider and MG half stacks as they can give you.
If you're looking at a hollow body then definitely take a look at a Peerless. Amazing quality for the price, amaaaaazing.
If you're not bothered by brands and/or resale values, I'd suggest a LP-style Tokai
sg 60's tribute. P90's are awesome!
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sg 60's tribute. P90's are awesome!

Is that what, for example, Carlos Santana and Pete Townsend actually used in the late 60's? THe P-90's?