I liked the beginning chords. The piano is okay, but it sounds a bit too dry for me. The build-up is pretty nice, and the main melody has a nice 'symphonic' feel, which I really enjoyed. The guitar entering at around 1:35 was pretty cool, but the panning is a bit disorienting if you ask me. I also liked how you didn't go for the wubwub sound that many dubstep producers go for nowadays. Production-wise it's alright, but it lacks a bit of punch, especially some of the bass parts. Overall, I liked the concept, and there are some really neat ideas here; I think more work on the production could really help a lot, but it's not bad at all as it is.

Crit mine? It's something along these lines as well, so you'll probably enjoy it https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1425948
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nice drums around 1.15 and the guitar fits in really well after that - I'd say the bassline could do with more clarity of volume after the drop but this is way better than I expected to find on UG

Really nicely done stuff, would like to hear finished