How do you take off the neck? Is it glued or bolted on?
I'm building another guitar and I need a neck for it. I'm not about to spend over $120 just for the neck so my idea is to buy a Washburn WD10 and use the neck on mine. The reason why I want to use it is because it comes with a bone nut and saddle.
well being an acoustic it will be a set/glued neck...they retail for between $120 and $210 so you would rather pay that instead of buying a neck (seems a bit weird)....you do know you can buy bone nuts and saddles right??
yeah i can buy the nut and saddle from plenty of placed. I cant seem to find a neck that would cost less than $120. I can buy an EDEN LP style neck and make that work, but then i have to buy the nut, saddle, and tuners which goes over $120. I can buy the Washburn through GC and its $79.99 used or $119 new. My first guitar has an LP style bolt-on neck. It was a Crucianelli that I changed the back and side wood cuz it was cracked.
Do you know where I can buy a good neck for around $120?
Warmoth is WAY too expensive. They want $175 for a maple neck and rosewood fretboard (their cheapest neck)
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