It's my first time posting here, so I don't know how it'll turn out
This is my first long piece I've written, and it incorporates a whole lot of my influences so I can't really put a genre on it.
I'm just curious about what you guys think of it, hopefully I'll learn something out of it (well, that's why I'm posting this here anyway).

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I would call it alternative rock/grunge

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I like the opening riff, its pretty nice and happy. Then the distortion comes and turns into something I wouldn't expect :p Not that its bad, I just was expecting something more happy. Seems like this would benefit more with vocals since a lot of the beginning is just power chords. I would hope for more variety. The bass brings in some variety at least though. The main power chord riff does start to catchy as it goes on. I like the variety in note duration you use.
Once the the second guitar comes in it starts to go a little bit more mellow and I like that. Also liking the drums better at this point. The new chord progression was a nice change of pace too. I'm not sure if you'd call it a guitar solo or not but the third guitar was a nice touch when it came in and fit perfect. Good transition. I like the guitar solo guitar #2 does also. Nothing too complex, but still cool.
I liked a majority of the song, but it'd be much better with vocals. Keep up the good work though.

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