Hey everyone,

To start I dont have any professional equipment or whatnot, I have an Ibanez GSR-200 and a Fender Rumble 75 in terms of gear.

I won't bother with settings, but when I play a band like Rush I like to turn up my treble and play on my stock Jazz pickup so it sounds more like Geddys tone. The only problem is theres this electronic buzz/hiss in the background coming from my amp.

Is this an issue of settings on my bass or amp, or would I need to get a header or some form of compressor to fix/lessen the amount of hissing coming from the amp.

You can always try a noisegate.
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you'll most always get some hum from a single coil, but it shouldn't be noticable when you're actually playing and I tend to not notice it in a band setting at all.

A compressor would make it worse, too.
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as gilly said; those buzzes you hear when your isolated go away (more like hide) in the band mix.
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The Boss ME-20B has a noise cancel that works well on my GTX-50. I think thats a noise gate....
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You can easily tell if it's the amp or the bass buzzing by simply unplugging it.

It could just be some mild speaker damage. My old band P.A was left in a cold practice place for too long and had an awful buzz to it, but as lionmute said, it was lost in the overall mix entirely.