I've been mostly self taught (maybe four actual lessons) for 5 yrs, but that hasn't stopped me from writting original material (I've written and recorded 10 songs, most of them I couldn't hit the rythm that others suspected I was attempting, so they would play guitar for me). It's always the rythm and sometimes the vocal timings that illude me in perfection. Have I been just going about learning guitar the wrong way, or is my ear distracted by too many other sounds I hear in songs (i.e. playing the snare rythm, which I suspect)? should I stick to my learning method which is just attempting to write and learn my own material?
If you want a great exercise to practice your rhythm… here is a link I would check out if I were you.

It’s a clip from “The Groove Workshop” By Victor Wooten & Anthony Wellington. It’s aimed at their class of bassists but you can apply it to guitar as well. Basically they go through and have the students identify and play every sub-division up to 1/16th notes in a measure. It’s a great little exercise and definitely worth checking out IMO.

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I'm bad with rhythm as well, so I started learning music theory as well because I wanted to learn about it anyway.