i'm at 85% right now pretty good.

been trying to get it faster than that for about a week now by playing ultra slow and relaxed.

this kind of seems to be my limit and i'm having a hard time getting over it... any advice?

here's a video of me playing it at 85%
how do i get faster?


you will have to turn your volume up really loud to hear it. no hate for that i'm telling you before hand, if you want to watch it and help turn your volume up.
Learn to play it better at the tempo you're working on. More efficient movements, better timing and so on; your 85% speed playing isn't perfect and to play it to speed it needs to be.
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Looks like you're still a little tense. Try being a little bit loose with your fretting hand. With that kind of movement up and down the neck, your transitions need to be smooth and fluid. A soft hand helps with that.

What I did to learn that solo was to break it down into little pieces and slowly build it up to speed for each segment instead of trying to run through the whole thing.
Also to add to Immora's post, generally when you play faster than you're comfortable with your hand will tend to tense up and tire easily (as well as make more mistakes). Slow it down until you feel comfortable and can exert the minimum amount of effort to fret and pick. Keep at this speed for a few minutes and then increase it until your hand feels a *little* uncomfortable but still relaxed. Practice like this for a bit and then slow it back down to your relaxed tempo. Keep doing this and your speed will begin to improve as well as being able to play relaxed and cleanly.

My advice is, don't focus on getting the solo up to speed, that will automatically come with time if you practice properly. However you're on the right track so keep at it!
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i've been playing guitar for like five or six years and always during that time i played other genres than shred type stuff.

but i did attempt the occasional shred with playing like a7x though but always practiced at full speed, didnt know any better.

about three months ago started practicing correctly and really learning how to play lead.
Keep it up, one thing I do is I always practice it really slow, then at a moderate tempo, and then fast.

IF I screw up AT ALL during the slow phase, I've got some serious issues to fix
: )
Your too tense. There's small pauses in between phrasing and your bends, legato, and vibrato aren't smooth. Relax, learn it even slower, and work on your rhythm and 'feel'.

Friedman's vibrato (and overall playing) is not something one can mimic easily.
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