I got the chance to buy either....

A Marshall Mini stack (not the toy-sized thing, but like a real marshall stack, just sized down a little.)

A Johnson Acoustic
A B.C. Rich Warlock, signed by Tom Morello, and Chris Cornell.

each is for 150$

Iv'e checked out all the items, and the dude selling them is very trustworthy.

Which should i get?
What you really need is the new amp.
ordinarily, I'd say the warlock if it weren't signed. but yeah i'd go with the marshall stack
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Isn't the mini stack an MG? I think I've seen one in guitar center that was an MG
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Not sure if srs...

If the sigs are genuine, then definitely the mg stack. It has CRUSHING OVERDRIVE.
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I'd go for the signed guitar, as it's signed. You can then resell it on e-Bay for a shit-ton.