Just found this forum, hope I can get a helping hand here.

Having a bit of a headache with this guitar...

It's got individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, like a Les Paul, but then a master volume after that.

(Certain Gretsch guitars use that scheme, I believe.)

Each pickup goes first to a 500k volume and 500k tone stacked pot.

Then through a 475 mix resistor.

Then to the pickup selector.

Then to master volume.

The guitar's output is too low overall. I'm not sure if it's the two volume pots in series or the mix resistors that's pulling it down.

As I understand it, the purpose of the mix resistor is to stop the volumes and tones from affecting the other pickups. If it's removed, the guitar would behave more like a Les Paul, correct?

The choice seems to be either boost the signal post master volume with an onboard blaster (works but it's a bit noisy) or lose the mix resistors.

Thoughts? Thanks!
try posting in the ultimate wiring thread. you can find a link to it in the essential links sticky at the top of the forum. those guys should be able to help you out.