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I wanna write a real ass-kickingly epic tune but i'm having trouble following up the intro riff. Upto bar 71 i'm 100% happy but i have no idea how to follow it up >.<. I think i've got a good drum pattern but the riffs seem too simplistic but nothing seems to suit it arrrrgh.

I don't normally come here for songwriting advice but i'll take any help i can get here.

P.S. Ignore the working title
Sam Wotrey
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What exactly is Death Metal about this, would it be the vocals? Growled?
Sam Wotrey
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Mmkay, I like the symphony stuff, very dark hah.

I noticed Opeth, and I'm a pretty big Peth-head.

I'd say maybe use more sixteenth notes palm muted, since it sounds more Doom/sludge.

Also, tastefully, TASTEFULLY, and melodically use blast beats (kinda like in the intro to the Lotus Eater - Opeth)

I repeated tastefully because when bands overuse blast beats it sounds like white noise -.-
accly was dolan
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It's pretty good, but I think the sections don't really "speak" well enough. They go on for a long time, but they don't really have much to say anymore after the first repeat. Rather than keeping the same unwavering violin motif you have going for a whole minute or so, vary it up. Change the chords around. Experiment. See what kinds of different sounds you can get just by messing with a couple notes. Also, maybe you haven't put it in yet, but the "more buildup and dissonance section" doesn't add any dissonance at all. Or much of anything, for that matter. But once again, you may just not have gotten to that yet. I feel like the part where the guitar comes in could be a LOT more epic sounding, you should keep the orchestral instruments going underneath it rather than just scrapping them and completely changing the sonic texture of it. It would sound really epic if you could integrate the orchestral sounds with that simple-ish guitar progression to make it more interesting to listen to. Now it seems a bit bare-bones.

I see a lot of potential here, just keep working on it, and don't be afraid to experiment!

Think you could drop a crit on my little orchestral thing here?