We just successfully recorded one of our first cover songs - And I believe it came out pretty well!

First and foremost, please let us know your impressions of this cover! (Good, bad?)

Second, I would hoping some of you could help us fix our sound engineering
Please let us know what should change in terms of
1. Tonality (guitar, lead guitar, bass) - more bass/less bass, more mid.. etc?
2. Volume Levels (guitar vs bass vs guitar lead vs drums vs vocals vs harmonies vs backup vocals)
3. Anything Else

*Recorded with a live-take method

Please help us better our recordings - we need sound engineering tips! Thanks!

For those that wanted a link:
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Sorry if I didn't mention this: The mp3 file is in my profile
(Audacity was giving me trouble.)
Well, it's rather rough-sounding. I would really suggest recording separate tracks for each instrument (Vox, guitar, etc.). The way you have it now is very muddy and sometimes hard to distinguish when certain instruments are being played.

On the other hand, I really liked the lead vocals. Please try and record each instrument to a separate track and mix them together next time. I'll look forward to hearing it!